Issues need support - Currency and overlays

When live !account is the way to check the currency
but when offline its !souls <<< this is ment to be the only way to check how can i fix this

also [Wizebot Overlay] Nothing show on screen ( bar emotes and the webm files like nuke )
Is it meant to show anything else Like alerts , information , Latest events

to me its just blank how can i fix this
or is there anyway to get the old overlay back from when wizebot first started that was amazing

Can you give more details?

If you can illustrate the problem with screenshots (from the chat), it would help to better understand your request.

Concerning the overlay, it is without content at the opening and it is normal. It is absolutely not like the old overlay (which displays a bar at the top with information).

as you can see here the stream is offline
!souls - main currency check only works when stream is offline
this dose not work when live

When stream is live - !Account is the only command that works

How can i fix this. So !souls in my universal currency command

**For the overlay **
What features dose the overlay actually do.

Question: What dose it do ??
it dose not show anything bar emotes and snow.

Question: How can i get it to show

  • Event list ?

  • Alerts ?

  • Information ie: labels text based information

As its advertised as The overlay SCREEN is designed to replace most existing overlays on our service but not only!
In addition to the basic features, we plan to integrate new way of interaction and entertainment for your lives.

So far it dose nothing bar snow and emotes ???

This is obviously not normal, can you make a screenshot during your next live by trying the command?

We will also have logs on our side to identify the problem.

  • Execution of animations (via custom commands)
  • Execution of sounds (if defined on the SCREEN overlay).
  • Falling emotes and snow.

We have tested your overlay, everything works well whether it is the emoticons and the snow (as well as the animations).

Try to see if the link is the right one on your streaming software. Look if no application blocks its execution (Antivirus?) (Open the window on a browser and check via F12 if no blocking error is found).

We do not have any events list widget.
For alerts, it’s here: WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA
For the texts / labels, they are recoverable via the application : WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA

This wont be until Wednesday night

so thats all it dose can i use the old overlay it was better

issues seems to be fixed now thanks for the support

Last question is there any update on website v2 for paid members the old site looks so outdated
and when can we see more updates to the overlay


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