Instant Draws not working properly

I am an admin in a channel that utilizes Wizebot as it’s only bot. We have Virtual Currency setup, which accrues exactly as it’s supposed to. We also are attempting to use the Draw system to periodically run a raffle to give out channel currency, as well as use the command line !draw give_currency x yyyy command. The first two days we used these commands they worked perfectly. Now however, they no longer work. Whenever these commands are run, we get the following error : :warning: No draws in progress, impossible action. I can start and stop new draws… but the previously working commands do not. Help? Thanks!!

The “give_currency” argument cannot be used without having previously drawn (Via !draw new …).

For the moment, it is impossible to randomly distribute virtual currency (via an instant draw) :slight_smile:

Going back and looking at the VOD it does appear we were running another draw at the same time and that’s why it gave the illusion it was working… the documentation says you can do instant draws though… s there another way to do so with different arguments, or just not for virtual currency? If not this seems like another pretty big hole in functionality…

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