Wizebot Overlay 2.0

Hello and sorry for my bad english,

I have a question, i use the wizebot overlay for my “home” scene when i left the game or switch the scene in OBS.

My problem is that the follower name on the right upper side do not update anymore. I tried to create a new source but it doesnt work.

can someone help me :frowning: i love the overlay but not like that

and my second question is, could it be that the bottom function is bugged ?

Update times the link. Save the link again and do the same but under other names. Sometimes you just have to update it so to speak.

[I can not tell you exactly, but the old overlay is gone. There is the new one. But the currently not yet follower, subs etc. indicates.] <<-- sry wrong data my fault!



i updated it alrdy but nothing happens :frowning: it still show me an old follower

i thought the new one is just for notifications ?

Sry my mistake!!! I’ve looked wrong!!!

Do you have only the follow overlay or do you have the full overlay?

With me, he shows everything right when I try.

I use the full overlay

We will look at the problem, we will quickly return to you :slight_smile:


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i " fixed " it, i have to let on the notification, since then he recognize it on the overlay but thas silly, i just use it for the Homescreen

Good evening,
Concerning the problem with the name of the followers, do you have the notification in the chat?
For the bottom part, can you give more details about the problem / bug?

The system used for this overlay is old, we’ll think about doing a redesign of it to use the latest service technology.

In the meantime, you can test a second version of the full overlay by replacing the beginning of the url with https://overlay.wizebot.tv/full_beta/

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now i have the notification in the Chat yes. Otherwise he dont recognize it i guess.

When i take the bottom function everything is squeezed together and doesnt look nice :smiley:

so do you Change the design or add new styles ?

I’ll try it when i am at home.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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We will modify the background process and improve the style of the overlay in a future update.

You can test the version “full_beta” via the link I gave above, it is a new style and it should please you :slight_smile:

The new Design you send me looks nice :slight_smile: i like your style guys :slight_smile:

but i like the idea og the bottom function, i hope you can fix it soon, if you need a screen let me know

Yesterday i had a new Problem yay :smiley:

I switched the Scene in obs from the game to the home Screen and it was on Default Settings. Follower was Dere01 again. I dont know it was like my session is gone or smth like that.

(the full overlay not the beta)

For the Beta Overlay, is there a possibilty to Change the colours in future ? And what Resolution i should use for this One ?

Try to refresh it

Look here :smiley: i think this is a yes xD

Be careful that the link of the overlay on your scene is the right one, avoid adding the url with the variable “isReloaded=” :wink:

Yes but i didnt Change anything.

Sometimes it worked when i reset the source , copy paste for a new one but not on Sunday

If the problem occurs when you switch scenes, try setting a global source for the overlay.

With that way, the change of scene will have no consequence :wink:

it dont work…

sometimes it works, sometimes not…

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