Need help with my full Overlay

Hello I need help with my full overlay, I love full overlay of Wizebot and it look amazing but I just want to show my name, uptime, last follow, last subscriber and song request. My question is how to disable viewers count and comments count

It will be amazing if we can change the overlay color :sunglasses:

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Hey :wave: @EriiHenriquez

I apologize in advance for the belated answer!
To your question, as far as I know, does not go and the new overlay is just reworked
and soon hopefully released with more functions.
Here is a quote, which may help you something.

Sry, for my bad English. :smiley: I am from Germany! :de:
Just for info, I’m not from the Wizebot Team!
Hope I could help you. If there are any questions, just type them. :vulcan:
:panda_face: Panda279TV :panda_face:

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