I need help im new to Streaming and want to have a bot set up

if anyone will help with commands like currency i would be greatful

Currency is under “Tools” in the new dashboard.

Documentation can be found here. If you’ve got questions, ask.

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Give us more details to help you better! :wink:

@Dere011 i want to do custom commands like in chat raffle that i can customize

thank you @lochiel do you know how to do in chat raffle ik their is something like but my friend know someone who has my idea and idk how he did it

Documentation can be found here

The draw system can be found on the new panel, under Interactions, but mostly you’ll want to use the command line commands.

For example, typing “!draw new !test @level 10 @currency 100” will create a draw that can be entered by viewers who are level 10, at a cost of 100 currency per tick. Entering is done by typing “!test”, or “!test x” where x is the number of tickets they want to buy.

“!draw pick” will pick a winner.

You can use the custom commands (on the old panel > configuration > main module > my commands) to store a “!draw new” command with all of it’s arguments. If all of your draws require level 10 and cost 100 currency, then just store that command in a !newdraw command you make yourself.

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