Follower notification


I am testing the bot, have now a 1 month subscription, and have the following problem:

Follower notification is not shown in chat.

Function is enabled, follower by notification is set to 1, and the Blacklist and Advanced Protection is off (to make sure all goes thru).

But it doesn’t. Regardless if its a new follower, or a refollower. But I get the Twitch mail about the new follower.

If you need any logs: I did my tests during the last 2 hours.

Twitch username is the same as my username here.

I sent more details and a 2nd example in Twitter DM

The followers notifications are not activated “Off-live”, moreover our system detects the “UnFollows then ReFollows” which triggers no notification :slight_smile:

Hi, first of all: thank you for your answer!

Now it makes sense… I thought as the bot is 24/7 in the channel, so are then the notifications in chat.

Best regards,

We are thinking about “integrating” offline notifications for users under premium account (Full).

The main problem is that with 400 000 users, it is for the moment “impossible” with the current limitations on Twitch to have 400K “Followers WebHooks” subscriptions to recover new followers :slight_smile:


If I knew the behaviour that “only when online” the followsers notification, then all is ok. Offline notification are a nice to have, but not that necessary.

A cool thing might be a possibility (maybe as command?) to print out the notifications, to see how they looks “in the wild”.

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