Follower notification on my channel

Hello. Help me please, everything works well except follower alerts in chat. Tested on 2 channels. i’ve tried reset settings, del/add bot on the channel, anyways 0 alerts. twitch channel: tempokinghs

Your last follows were made before the start and shortly before the end of your last live.

Try your next stream to see if the notification works, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Come back here if it still doesn’t work :slight_smile:

I’ve tested it live before, I’ve tried it now. Does not work. My friend has the same problem too

friend’s channel ZeepZaap_

We had a small problem with the event recovery system,

Try it next time you’re live:

  • Remember to wait several minutes (15 minutes at best) before testing.
  • Using / having an account that has never followed the channel (unfollow / refollow are not displayed).

But, logically, you shouldn’t have any problems now :slight_smile:

okay, now everything is fine. thank you!

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