Notifications are not working!

When people follow my channel it doesn’t always pop up in my twitch chat like it should plz send help!

From the historical, we see no problem with the notification system.

Do you have a specific time of a new follow that will not have been posted in the chat?

Yes, jennyloback followed Jan 30th, 2019 at 7:12pm. I only got the notification through my email it did not pop up in my twitch chat or anywhere else besides my email. Please help me fix this my channel keeps growing everyday and i need this fixed so it will look more professional! Thank you and let me know what you find out ASAP! Also will it still pop up in chat if someone follows me and i am offline?

Also the welcome message doesn’t display either when new viewers come in and i don’t understand why. I paid for this service thinking it would be amazing but nothing seems to work so far? I would love to keep it because i think the service you guys provide is amazing but i really need this to work!

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You should know that notifications are based on information that Twitch sends in real time, it is rare but it happens that Twitch sometimes does not send notifications when they have problems on their side.


Regarding welcome messages, I invite you to read the help that is at the top of the configuration page :

You have different types of “Notifications” (Type of system), the current type is based only if the user is manifesting (by writing) in chat.
Good to know: Welcome messages are sent only to people who come for the very first time on your LIVE and excludes followed peoples.

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