[Bug] Level & rank system

Hello its me again,

as i look through my level system, I noticed a few bots.
So i the ones i couldn’t ask to leave i banned.
But the story only starts here.

The next step was to remove them from the Rank-/Levelpage.
I tried to remove them the oldfashioned way - the command.
Although the bot was present and functioning, it didn’t gave me feedback that it deleted them.
Btw. i tried it with both !rank_reset and !level_reset.

Chatty Log:
[15:36] ~KlonAmy: !level_reset Slocool
[15:36] ~KlonAmy: !level_reset Lanfusion
[15:36] ~KlonAmy: !level_reset Streamerinsights
[15:36] ~KlonAmy: !level_reset Streamerinsights
[15:36] ~KlonAmy: !level_reset Tipeeebot

Okay, thought reread the Documentation .
No the commands were the same.

Next was searching the forum. So i found this little gem. I tried to delete them or to set the points to 0, a browser refresh and even a strg + F5 (refresh without cache) or a new browser bought them back to light.

Hope this is detailed and not difficould to read.
Have only my school english.


Try the commands again.

The command was case-sensitive, which is now no longer the case.


Try again :slight_smile:

Otherwise, you have enable the “Moderator Only” option on the following page:

This prevents viewers in your channel from using commands.

It is already active für mods.
I will have to wait for the bot to notice the stream again. xD

Without my doing …

Is there a cooldown somewhere?

You can try again.

We applied a correction after discovering a problem with the permission system.

Now functioning thanks image

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The refresh of the list is 1 hour right?
Then i will report back in 1h.

Well… xD

Yes, it can take up to an hour to update.

But generally, it’s much less than that! :wink:


And now ?

Both running and updated

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I see you can German too!
Please contact me personally and then I will explain it to you in more detail


edit: The cache has been updated

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