Reset and excluding from Rank doesn't work

Dear Support-Team,

I manage the Bot for a friend of mine (I have super-userr rights with full access/no limits), I’m also a moderator in her channel.

As a moderator I’m of course always present and be active, so I have lots of experience points regarding ranking, but I don’t want to “cheat” my way into the leaderboard just because of my moderation related talk.

I tried to exclude myself in WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA but it doesn’ work, I still get XP’s (I set up this restriction last saturday).

Besides, I tried to use the !rank_reset command with my name, in my moderator account, and also with the broadcaster account (but all during times where no stream was live), both didn’t happen.

Where is my mistake?

Besides, I read the !rank_reset and !level_reset is only limited to be used by the broadcasters, I recommend to extend this so also people with no limit super-user accounts have also the right to use it (as they are also those who manage the rank/levels, and have the link to the button to purge all ranks).

The streamer should not be able to collect with levels or coins!

The list worked for me. You did everything else right. Since you have placed yourself on the “users access” list, you don’t need to get EXP anymore. Check if there are no spaces in front or behind your name. Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA

!reset can only be doing the streamer! look here Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA


I’m not the streamer, I’m a moderator, with superuser rights. i did the excluding, but i still gained rank EXP, even with the restriction set in the users restrictions.

i tried the reset commands also with the account of the streamer, didn’t reset my EXP. I tried several writing combinations of my username, Case sensitive, lowercase, with @ and without @… nothing.

For reset or get you in the user_restrictions, you only need the twitch name without @,Case sensitive or lowercase, etc… (Only the twitch name!).

I’ll pass this on, please be patient! Thank you.


Can you give me the name of the channel in question?

As well as the nicks to exclude :slight_smile:

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