Leaderboards dont update


Thanks for a great service from you! :smile: I have implemented your betting-system at my Twitch-channel which is a great feature, but it seems like nothing shows up in the leaderboard. I have changed the leaderboard to the three different alternatives (Global list, Weekly and Levels) but nothing happens.

There is 11 viewers with points that i can see in my user-list since my stream earlier, but somehow it doesnt show up in the leaderboard under my Twitch-channel. I have waited the whole day and what i can see i have every setting like it should, but maybe not, haha!

Maybe something is wrong or do i do something weird? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and thanks again!
/ Alex

Edit: Now it works ! :smiley:

It usually takes a little time for the leaderboard to be operational at installation :slight_smile:

According to the types of rankings, you have a frequency of data update, the level remains the only one in semi-real time (It must of course that your live is online).

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