Possible to delete the !commands Command?

is it possible to delete the !commands command?

Hello @city, :wave:

I had never had such a problem, but a similar with a sound command.
First delete your history and your cache. After that, try again and wait a day or two, as it can always be that the Bot hangs something for a short time.
Third alternative would simply delete the command in the chat, if you have it active.
I think it was so !Cmd del !commands
Otherwise, simply rename the command so that you can use it for you.

Hope I could help you. If there are any questions, just type them. :wink:

the thing is i can’t delete/rename the command because it’s not a cusom one it’s like a default command (i think) which you have to disable on the website or something like that but idk where/how

Hello City,
You can find this option here : WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA
In the second panel “Advanced options” > “Help commands” in order to disable the !commands and the !wizebot commands.
Hoping this will help.

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that is what I was looking for!

thank you so much @shauuny and @panda279tv for your help

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