Custom Level System

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to configure the ‘rank and level’ system to have 10 custom levels that I have named. The issue is that my custom levels are not being applied to the external website or the widget on my dashboard.

In the ‘Rank and Level’ menu I have selected ‘level system’ and I can see some of my viewers have points. The custom levels all have a name and a points threshold setup however this seems to be ignored. I have waited 12 hours between making the changes and waiting for the external website to update.

My users have enough points to qualify for some of the lower levels so I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. For reference, I am currently using the wizebot premium trial as I have less than 100 followers at present.

Many thanks in advance!

Can you give me the name of your channel? :slight_smile:

Clear your browser’s cache and history once.
Then save your customized levels again. Better look in the chat if someone or you call the account and there the level should be displayed!


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