7 days to die integration commands not working

i’m trying to get integration on 7 days to die to work.
Settings of server are all checked, “test connection” works perfect, get the “Hello world” message.
None of the commands i want to use work, not even the premade spawnairdrop.
Any help or advice on that, just tested while live aswell, nothing works.
Even the premade text that is before the command doesn’t show in chat.
Its like the command $7d2d_cmd(…) just blocks everything in chat.
When i remove the command itself, text works, so no issues there.
Do i need alloc fixes and csmm to get this to work?

manually using commands in webconsole or telnet on server work perfectly, so no issue there neither

It is necessary that the live is online as well as the game defined in the category of the stream.

You can use :

$7dtd_cmd(cmd,0,0,0) to force the command.


tyvm, thats what i was missing :slight_smile:

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