7 Days to die Integration

So. The integration isn’t working for me. I have verified the hostname is correct and the port and that telnet can access the server remotely. Commands flow correctly in telnet to the server but the integration does not work. Wizebot will not spawn hordes or airdrop.

I have verified that 7 days to die is set on the channel as well.

Also your supposed to be able to create custom commands to do stuff on the server through wizebot. Yet there is no option for this either in the custom commands.

What I wanted to do was allow my viewers to use the virtual shot to spawn hordes, airdrop ECT but since wizebot is not actually using telnet correctly this is not working.

I need some help here to set it all up.

We will do some checking to find the cause of the problem.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

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