7 Days To Die Integration using Telnet


I have a Premium Wizebot account and as a Twitch streamer I’m trying to set up the 7 Days to Die Integration.

The goal is to set up commands to allow viewers (using the wizebot currency) to spawn in zombies/hordes/airdrops etc.

With help (I am new to these server/Telnet things) I set up a dedicated server on my laptop (using 7D2D RAT) and I managed to connect to this server on my desktop PC.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to connect Wizebot to the dedicated server via Telnet.
I cant seem to find detailed info on how to do this, so this is why I hope someone can point me towards that info, or help me with the following questions I have:

In the WizeBot configuration I have to enter the following data:
“Hostname of the server” (Hostname/ IP adress of your server)
“Telnet port” (Telnet port to our server)
“Telnet password of the server” (Telnet Password to our server)

I’m confused about the use of the words OUR and YOUR.
The server is running on a local network (I connect to it by entering the laptop’s local IP address)
Is it even possible to connect Wizebot to this dedicated server? If so, where can I find the information to put here?

Another question I have is the use of the commands, there are options in WIzebot I havent seen with the other bots I’ve used.
What type of command do I have to choose for example, the $7dtd_cmd(spawnairdrop) command? (Say a text/say an action/send a custom event)

In 7D2D RAT, Telnet is enabled and other than that I can only enter a Port and Password.
What do I enter here to be able to receive the Wizebot commands?

Thanks in advance for any help!

There was an error on the panel’s sentences, it’s “Your” and not “Our”.

In order for WizeBot to connect, the server must be accessible from the internet, so for the case of a local server that your router redirects to this server from outside.

You must then use your internet IP address on the panel.

For the type of command, simply a type “Say a text” with the TAG $7dtd_cmd(…) is enough.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Just to be sure:
In Wizebot’s settings, the Hostname of server is just my external IP address without any addition?
And the Telnet port and password in WizeBot’s settings has to be the same Port and Password as set in 7DTD RAT?

Yes that’s right.

The port must be the telnet port and telnet password that the server provided.

It doesnt appear to work, there are no commands coming through Telnet to the server.

Do it need to be actually streaming for this to work or does it also work when not live?
Can you confirm that everything is working correctly on WizeBot’s side?

No problem detected on our side.

The most likely problem is a concern with opening the ports on your internet router (if you are still using a local server).

Telnet commands work now (tested sending commands manually by several other people through Telnet) but i get the following error when i try to get them through commands by WizeBot:

2019-05-28 21:29:13 754.247 ERR IOException in ReadLine for TelnetClient_151.80.240.64:57174: Write failure
2019-05-28 21:29:13 SocketException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

Also tested it on different servers but the error message is the same.

Also, what exactly do you mean with the last part of: "It is necessary to have telnet access from a server for this system to work as well as the 7 Days To die set on your channel"

The command is not executed at all?

This error message may just be just the disconnection of the system that is getting a bit too fast.

For the message quoted, it is just necessary that the game set on your channel is 7 days to die, to avoid that events are sent if you play another game for example.

The game is set to 7 days to die on my channel

It just shows the error message and then it disconnects again without trying to run the command.
How can i fix it so it wont go too fast?

Try again, a timer is now present before disconnection :slight_smile:

It works! Merci!

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