Chat commands to Server

I am receiving the Green Check when I hit test connection and the Hello World command, but my chat commands are not working. They work when I paste into the cmd in game but not through twitch commands.
Command on the bot:
$(display_name) has spawned Arlene on Ark $7dtd_cmd(mes ArkZombie 20 @ 3)
Game is set to 7 Days to Die, I have premium, its set to On and Off LIve

Does the command (mes ArkZombie 20 @ 3) work well when you use it yourself?

For the basic TAG, it is important that the live is on and that the game is well defined.

You can bypass these conditions by adding ,0,0 after the command in the TAG:

$7dtd_cmd(mes ArkZombie 20 @ 3,0,0)

However, it is recommended to do this only for testing :slight_smile:

I didn’t know I had to be live! I will try a this as soon as I can. The command does work when I use it myself.

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