7 days to die integration commands

i need help setting up 7d2d commands i know i need to use like i want this $7dtd_cmd(spawnfirstaidket) what am i doing wrong ? i have looked threw other’s that are simaler to mine but could not find any thing that helped me. i want to know where do i put the command at on the my commands page thank you in advance

Does the “spawnfirstaidket” command exist on the server?

i dont know any thing about commands for 7d2d so i have no idea of what im doing

First of all, it is important that you know the commands that can be used to integrate interactions.

You have several tutorials on the internet that will allow you to know the commands you can use.
You also have the command “help” that can be used in admin on the game console.

From there, I can’t help you anymore.

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