7 Days to Die Wizebot integration

I’m… A bit confused to how this is supposed to work. I managed to setup everything in regards to how to setup these custom Telnet commands. The connection to the server from Wizebot is working, the ‘Hello Server’ works correctly, but when attempting to create a command, it does not seem to do anything whatsoever.

So my question is… If for example I want $7dtd_cmd(sh Your_name 5), i.e to spawn a horde, how would I go about creating the command that people can then use in twitch chat.

As far as I gathered, I went to “My Commands” create a new one, and add it as a ‘Say a text’ and added the “$7dtd_cmd(sh Your_name 5)” as part of that. However, that proved to do nothing at all. Sooo I thought okay, I’ll play around and tried the “Send a custom event” which didn’t do anything either. I tried with the virtual curreny shop to do the exact same, still to no victory.

So I am confused to how to go about this, there seems to be zero info about it. I either have not looked around enough ,or am completely blind D:

Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers in advance

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Ehh… Yup, just me being stupid! I tested without going live, and enabling the live-only stuff

So for future-reference, I use ‘Custom Command’ and ensure its set to live-only and be live when you test it! Works like a charm

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