Zomboid Integration issues

When I send this command: $pz_cmd(teleportto grishord 3327,12981,0)
It only sends

teleportto grishord 3327

to the server. It removes the last 2 digits.

ALSO (separate issue)
If someone does a sub bomb of 5 subs or more, the integrations turns off 100% of the time. I do not have this issue with 7 Days to Die

Commas are forbidden in TAGs, because they are considered as arguments.

Don’t these commands just require spaces between arguments?

For the deactivation, we will look for a solution. This is probably because the 7D telnet server must be overloaded or limit the commands, which makes the integration error.

When used in the server console commas are required, when trying to use without in console:

LOG : General , 1657641382507> 47,652,337,914> command entered via server console (System.in): “teleportto grishord 3327 12981 0”
LOG : General , 1657641382598> 47,652,338,005> Dynamically loaded ServerCommand: zombie.commands.serverCommands.custom.LuaServerCommand
LOG : General , 1657641382612> 47,652,338,019> Teleport to coordinates. Use /teleportto x,y,z. Example /teleportto 10000,11000,0

Sorry for the wait.

You can replace the commas in the TAG with |C| which will define commas.

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