Use Song Request as a Music Player with title in my Stream

Hi, I’m trying to use Song Request as a replacement for my YouTube playlist + SMG (YouTube title retriever) + GrooveMarklet (Chrome Extension) stack.

What I’m aiming for :

  • Having a playlist which plays only songs I added (so no more song requests allowed)
  • In a really random way (YouTube’s random sort only play a subset of related tracks leading to songs listened 4-5 times in a single live session whereas this playlist should play new songs for 10 hours!)
  • With the music title added to a text file, so I can stream its content via OBS
  • [OPTIONAL] The viewer can type a command to get the song currently playing

What I’ve tried :

  • Imported my YouTube playlist into the WizeBot Song Request panel (nice feature here, thx)
  • Configured WizeBot to enable Song Request + !getsong and !currentsong commands (works fine)
  • [FAIL] I installed WizeBot APP, but it won’t create those custom files I need to get OBS to display the music title

So, how could I do that ? Is Song Request not designed for that purpose ?
Bonus question : What’s the interest of using WizeBot’s Player if WizeBot can’t communicate with its API ?

You can optionally block SongRequest queries by adding a custom command of the type “Command block” for SongRequest commands (!sr !songrequest)

Regarding the WizeBot APP app, make sure that the program runs as an administrator so that it can create the files.
Check that your account is connected, the notification area should be displayed after login.

The WizeBot player is just a separate service for listening to music.

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Thank you very much, that helped me find a way to do what I was aiming to.

My problem was solved by the administrator setting, I gave the shortcut this parameter so it won’t happen again.

But there’s still an issue, my playlist is more than 50 titles, which is precisely the limit or the WizeBot Song Request Panel. So I definitely can’t use this solution.

For the YouTube random issue, I solved it bye going back to its previous version (click on the profile picture, then the last option), once again Google publish newer versions full of bugs.

So now I’m searching for a way to get the content of a custom file read by a tchat command ?
I don’t think it’s actually possible but I’m still asking :wink:

Thanks for your reactivity :slight_smile:

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Our playlist system has no title limit at the moment.

For custom files, it is possible to read “http calls”, but I must format in JSON or standard text but most importantly host on an online server (Hosting). :slight_smile:

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