Songrequest Problem


We have a Problem with Songrequests or we are dumb.
Wizebot is so nice and we love it. But one Thing does not work the way we want.

We Need to have Background Music in our Stream. For this reason we can add a Playlist.
Thats what we do: Adding like 80 Songs. This works.

But, what if a Viewer is requesting a Song with !sr ? Does Wizebot really add this Song
at the End of the Playlist? Does the Requester really have too wait 4 Horus then until
his Song is playing?

The next Thing we did was not adding a Playlist by ourself. Ok, the Songs will Play in the
Order of Requests. But what is, then no one is requesting a Song?

We thougt, its like in other Bots. Where a Playlist can be added and it Plays the Songs
untiil there is a Request. This request will be played as Next Song. If there is no other
Request, the Bot will coninue playing the List from us.

Do we miss something? Are we using the Songrequest Feature in Wizebot wroong?

Hello ! :slight_smile:
Purge the titles under the name of “IMPORT”, and re-import the titles. You should no longer have this problem.


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