Songs won't play

Hi, I’m new to twitch and wizebot and I’ve been fiddling around with it alittle bit. I figured out how to active the song requests and the wizebot acknowledges it, but the song won’t play. I found a way that they will but they will play on my computer not the stream. Any suggestions?

Is the music from my computer supposed to be the music on the stream? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.

Please take a quick look here. If I have time tonight or tomorrow, you could get a more detailed description.

Ok, thank you so much. I took a look at the link and I think I get it now. You were a really large help.

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Sorry for the long wait, but I had a lot to do and I still did!

You can set and edit the song request here. Please make sure that the top right corner is set to green and Active.

Here you can see your own player! There you will find the songs it is currently playing!

Please also make sure that your Windows sound is also heard.

People have to write !sr youtubelink in your chat and then you have to open the player and it will play the song automatically.


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