Wizebot music player & Twitch

Can I use Wizebot music player to play playlist on Twitch stream (not song request). If yes, how?


Yes this is possible, I do this with my streams all the time. You have two options really.

You can try using https://music.wizebot.tv/ which uses their player and hosted music, kinda like Spotify


You can continue using the music request playlist and add your own music line up with YouTube. But then also disable the music requests feature.

Hope this helps!

Hi WaveShredder
Thanks very much for your very helpful reply. I will try your suggestions & see which works best for me.
I am a little cautious however. I was streaming on Twitch fairly regularly 2 years ago & when I started back yesterday it was a shock to my system!
I had over 600+ OBS updates & when I started streaming I had wizebot, as mod when I think in the past I had nightbot or moobot working? I guess OBS & streaming has changed in 2 years! Anyway I started to look into Wizebot, hence this question now.
I made a playlist of royalty/copyright free music but could not see how to activate it on my stream!? I do not want followers to use songrequest, I want to play my selected music! If I get stuck I will have to
get back here again (hope I can do it myself, but no shame asking for help). Thanks & best wishes

No worries!

Met me know if there is anything else you may need help with :slightly_smiling_face:

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