Uptime Tab of Leaderboard widget says " No Data Available"

Hi, I am using the WizeBot leaderboard widget and all the other tabs work. For some reason the “Uptime” tab isn’t populating with data. I have the rank system enabled and I have given it two days of time to fix itself, but it hasn’t.

I can see that the WizeBot website knows my channel is getting uptime but it wont populate in the leaderboard.

What is your Twitch channel name? :slight_smile:


Update: People are appearing in the uptime tab now but their times are not updating. No matter how much time they spend in the channel it just says 0h 0m. Also when I click on “see more” the uptime section says no data available

I don’t know if you guys fixed something behind the scenes, or if the leaderboard extension just needed a week or so to start working. Either way, the extension and all of its tabs are working for me now. Thank you, the issue is resolved!

Sorry for the wait.

One thing to consider, we have anti-bot systems. People must at least speak once on your channel (since WizeBot installation) for the uptime to be calculated afterwards.

That must be where the problem comes from :slight_smile:

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