Having some issues w/ the leaderboard panel

I have read and searched as much as I can in regards to getting the Wizebot Leaderboard to work properly. For everything I’ve read, all it says is that the rank feature must be enabled - which mine is. But the wizebot logo just spins on my channel.

I’ve waited past 24 hours because I did read that it said it could “tens of minutes” - so I’m just not sure what to do next.

I’d like to conclude by thanking you in advance, and telling you how impressed I am with the bot over some of the other bots.


Hello :slight_smile:
We applied a patch of correction less than 30 minutes ago.

The leaderboard should display correctly now.

Thank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately it appears I’m still having issues.

Ah! You need to activate one of the rankings systems on this page:


@Dere011 thank you so much - that was the magic button. Not sure how I missed that. Thank you.

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