Wizebot Leaderbaord

I have recently added the Wizebot leaderboard extension to my twitch channel. However the leaderboard if I try to open the panel all it says is “The system is disabled on this Channel” I am unsure what the issue is and do I need premium Wizebot for this to work?

No premium account is needed, but you need to enable one rank system on this page :


I did that it still says “This system is disabled on this channel”

Now that a system is activated, you have to wait for the extension to update and your next lives for the first viewers to appear in the leaderboard.

Ahh so how long do you reckon it will take to update? So then the next time I go live my viewers will start being added to the list?

It is already up to date but without data.
As soon as the viewers gain levels, they will appear in the extension :wink:

Ahhh thanks so much! I presume you don’t get xp if you message when the streamer isn’t live or no?

Yes, only on live.

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