Triggering Sounds via the Overlay doenst work

Hi everyone,

im currently stucking to play a sound file via an js command over the overlay. I think that i tried every option but it wont work. Playing Soundfiles via notification center works fine, but for our team it wout fit better to recieve the sounds via the overlay.

What i tried:
JS.wizebot.screen_overlay.sound(“”, 100);
JS.wizebot.call_tag(“overlay_screen”, [“call_url_sound”, “”, “100”]);

I also created a new command that only should fired by the sound command, what also doenst work:
JS.wizebot.call_tag(“overlay_screen”, [“call_cmd”, 3187664]);

I dont know what the problem is, if i trigger the support command manually it fires the sound trough the overlay … So the overlay itself isnt the problem.

I can not use the play sound option in the command itself because i have many checks through the javascript code. So this is not an option.

Maybe im blind or not understanding the wizebot syntax correct. So you are my last option guys :smiley:


How did you open the SCREEN overlay?

Did you define a specific zone when retrieving the link? :slight_smile:

Hi Dere,

i copied the link from the Website menu SCREEN Overlay. I tested it with and without Zone id but nothing worked unfortunately :disappointed:

I added the screen overlay via browsersource in obs (also with and without Zone id for testing). Sythesis Voice works Like a Charme (cool Feature btw!)

Are there any Limits regarding file size or something like that?

Can you provide me with the associated command IDs?

The one that triggers the animation and the one for the animation(s)? :slight_smile:

Im not sure If i understand this overlay System correctly :grin:
The Command that fires the Sound is id: 3186541
Starting at line 91 with the Sound stuff.

Im Not sure what do you mean with the Command for the animations? I created a Command 3187664 that Only plays an soundfilw to Test the Exec Command function.


Can’t work.
The reason is that the TAG allows you to run an animation (JS code) of a “SCREEN” type command.

JS.wizebot.screen_overlay.sound(soundfile, 100, 1);

For this code, the SCREEN overlay must be in zone 1. Remove the 1 to send it without zone.

Hi Dere,

i already tried that as i mentioned in my First Post. It will Not Play any soundfile with the screen_overlay.sound. Is there maybe an Bug that will hinder the Sound to Play?

Thank you!

Try again this:

JS.wizebot.screen_overlay.sound(soundfile, 100);

We’ve made a few changes so that the default zone is taken whenever no zone is defined.

Hi Dere,

thank you for your effort but this is still not working. we created a new js command from scratch with minimal code to test it (id: 3192726) - no sounds on the overlay.

i also noticed that all commands where i used the tts function, they also give no audio feadback :frowning: Yesterday they all were working fine?

Edit: tts is working, sorry :smiley:

Try again your test command :slight_smile:

great, it is working perfectly! Thank you very much!
will upgrade my subscription next month, i will be here for longer :wink:

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