Custom Sound Alert Issues

We are having a problem with custom sound alerts. There seems to be a disconnect between the command and the overlay/notification and it reaching the audio in OBS and then stream. We have attempted at least 30 different things. We have tried different audio files etc etc etc. I would really appreciate some help.

Sorry for the delay,

Is it the alerts via the custom alert widget or the overlay screen that you are using?

We were attempting to have it just be a sound alert with no visual. I think the problem we are having is with the notification area. I THINK we just want a command in chat for views to use that triggers a sound alert. For some reason I can’t seem to make it work. I’m familiar with bots but I am struggling with this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. The streamer’s name is iBlackish_

You have to be careful about one thing:

There are two ways to have “sound alerts / commands”, either through the notification area (Which must be open on a browser), or via the SCREEN overlay (which must be added and activated on the streaming software (and on the current scene)).

So you have to choose one of the two things, and then configure the sound commands so that it runs on the right support.

The configuration is simply in the “Sound configuration” tab, in the “Trigger zone” option of the commands.

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