Problems with Certain Sound Commands

Hello Team,
Im having issues with about half my sound commands while half of them work and i cant seem to figure out why.

The configuration for all of them are the same but only a few play with the notification area open.

I have the activation criteria set to live and offline as well and the notification area is open

Even the sound notification uploaded file plays fine

But when You use the command nothing happens. I have about 12 sound commands with about 6 working. Any ideas?

According to the first checks, the problem comes from the encoding of the sound file.

It is preferable to use MP3 as a format to avoid coming across WAV files that cannot be played on a browser.

The MP3 file also makes it possible to have a smaller and better quality file :slight_smile:

You can easily find online WAV to MP3 converters.

ahh thank you i will try that now. Appreciated!

That Worked. Again thank you!

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