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Hello wizebot family!

I have been having an issue and I am not sure how or where to fix it. Whenever a viewer subscribes or RE-Subscribes the BOT will announce the sub, then directly after the BOT will say ( Loterie X username you lost.) I am confused why this is happening.

I went to the streaming panel under NOTIFICATIONS FOR SUBSCRIBERS and that text is not in any of the sections. If anyone can tell me how to change this or stop this text from happening I would appreciate it.


Hey :slight_smile:

Please check if the Subscriber lottery is deactivated! =

Please make sure that no command is written here and that it was possibly triggered in this way. Also check if the subscriber sentences are correct. = and here also =

If this doesn’t work, please disable the “Notifications of subscribers” function and empty your browser cache and restart the Wizebot page and then enable it again.

If it all doesn’t work out, please write under it again and a developer will take care of it!


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I have disabled the subscriber lottery. I will have to wait till I get a new sub and see if this was the fix, thank you.


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