!subs command says the wrong number of subs

I have a problem with Bot that I use at vimsen_
When I use command !subs it says the wrong number of subs!
I have tested it against streamelements.
Bot via wisebot system says 44 subs, Bot via StreamElements says 1135 subs!
I also use the wisebot bot system for several streamers which are:
jenserkongen & jaywity on these users says wizebot system correct number of subs, so it is only with vimsen_ there is something wrong.
I have tried to reset everything on the wisebot website:
Initiates a reset of account configurations.
Initiates a reset of the API (WAPI) keys of the account.
Nothing works!
I use this in sub command: $(sub_count)

WizeBot uses Custom bot Names:

  • Bot name: Twisted8 at streamer Vimsen_ and JayWity
  • Bot name: PrinsJacob at streamer Jenserkongen


Twitch authentication is incorrect on the account. The streamer has to reconnect to WizeBot for the authentication to be refreshed.

Through the link : WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA

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