Problem with subscriber currency

ok so i am a premium member, I have done some very thorough testing. And with the currency I found a bug. If someone DIDNT renew and your system is not seeing them renew (ie. the +2 for subscribing) it doesnt give out whatever you set as the extra points for that subscriber. Is this in design, or is this a bug? Because i would have to wait months for people to renew as some are subbed for months at a time. Moderators are also bugged. I have to make them a mod in chat for your bot to pick it up and give them currency based off of that. Can yu please fix the sub thing if possible. Also I sent a dm thru twitter

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In order to understand and identify the type of event, can you provide me the text of the notification that Twitch sends in the chat? :slight_smile:

It is also important to understand that without “notification” of sharing (if the person does not share the subscription/re-subscription) it is impossible for our systems to know if the person continues the subscription or not.

Moderators are also bugged.

Do you have more details? The virtual currency (!c) commands do not work for moderators?

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