Follow,New Welcome Message Not Working!

Good Day To you!

I Have a problem with the notifaction before it work perfectly well When I am playing on my Console I get a notfication of a new sub or a follower, But now its not working or greeting new people to my stream its already (ACTIVE) Please help thank you!

Can you provide your channel name ?


At your next live, check that everything works.
If this still is not the case, come back here at the end of your live to warn us.

I’m having the same issue.

Please try the following things:

  1. Have you ever tried to replace the link in OBS / XSPLIT? I know that with Tipeeestream sometimes. I had to renew it more often.

  2. Delete the notification completely from OBS / XSPLIT and make it new.

  3. You must not open the Alert Box and OBS website together, otherwise the sound will be played twice.So the system can also disturb other things!

  4. After that you make all Wizebot pages off and try it again. If it works, please delete your browser cache!


Good day to you

The follow,sub are working fine, but now the first time or new lurkers are not showing they are in my channel usually it tells me there is somebody is lurking. Need help with it

Thank you

Hello @captain_fluffy and @awretchedkitten,

On the following page: WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA

You have 3 types of system:

Twitch Welcome Message: Welcome to viewers who use Twitch’s built-in system.
First message: Welcome announcement from the first message of the viewer.
Automatic: Welcome announcement upon the arrival of the viewer on the live.

You can try the second or third type, but the third type (Automatic) is not recommended.

Be aware that a person who has already passed on your streaming in the pass, will no longer receive a welcome notification.

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