Sub Only Song Request?

I have been tinkering around with making song request available to all my viewers. I have turned !subon and !suboff still nothing works. My moderators and subscribers are allowed to request but can not find anywhere to allow the rest. I am hoping to use Wizebot for all my botting needs and if anyone can help me with this small issue it would be much appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to help me!

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Hey :wave: @mike_and_rob ,
nice to see you here :sunny: and thank you for your Question :memo:

  • I also had the problem and I made the Subscriber out and now it works again! Look at the Picture :wink:

Sry, for my bad English. :smiley: I am from Germany! :de: Just for Info, I’m not :see_no_evil: from the Wizebot Team!
Hope I could help you. If there are any Questions, just type them. :vulcan:
:panda_face: Panda279TV :panda_face:

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I just woke and glad to see your post. For some reason I doIn’t have those options the loyalty and interactions tab. I am premium lite currently too incase it has something to do with that. I been looking all over for any command or tabs like you have shown me haha is there another wizebot web addy I could use to get to the loyalty tab?

Hello :wink: !

This settings are on our old panel:

Thank you so much, I believe its working now! 10 more follows till I pull the trigger on a paid Premium account =) Very happy with your bot!


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