How do I activate Song Requests for my Twitch Stream?

I am TOTALLY new to Wizebot so please forgive the noob question. I need to know how to activate song requests for my twitch stream. See? I told you it was a noob question LOL. Any help with this will be gratefully received. Thank you

Hey :wave: @zornaph,

Just click on Songrequest in the new panel and activate it in the upper right corner.
Here is a picture to simplify this.

Here you can find all commands (Songrequest Command too) from Wizebot = WizeBot - A Twitch Service

Next time just try a bit. It helped me a lot and I could understand the Wizebot better.

Sry, for my bad English. I am from Germany! :smiley:
Hope I could help you. If there are any questions, just type them. :vulcan:
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