Can't Test Commands As Owner, Bots Can't Trigger?

As Owner and Streamer I am not able to test commands like !lastvideo and others… My mods are able to test commands but when I type anything from !sr to other things it doesn’t work.

Also I want my timers to trigger commands but that is not working either.

Any help?

Things that I have tried to fix this:
Logining in and out of the Wizebot on website
Reset Everything to default
Made special permissions for my account on website
Tried different browsers to see if it was a system error or something

My mods and other viewers are able to play with the commands… But I can not still

Also my bots who are mods can’t trigger commands either

Can you provide screenshots to better understand the problem?

Regarding bots, whether WizeBot or other bots (Streamlabs, nightbot, etc.), they cannot exec commands (They are ignored by the service).

The only way to execute commands periodically is to use @CMD !command in WizeBot ads (WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA).

Regarding your “NorkDorf” account, it was flagged as “bot”. Did you use this account to do automatic actions on Twitch?
=> It has now returned to normal account.

Thanks for making me a normal account. Is there a timer option for the bot? Like if I want it to say !lastvideo is there a way to make this automatic? Or can we allow one of the bots to do this for me?

Like I changed my bot name to peasantcheese is that name seen as a bot?

Yes, the name of the bot (On WizeBot) is automatically defined as “bot” for the service and cannot execute commands.

The timers are here:

You have to create an announcement list and then in the announcement list add the tag @CMD !lastvideo (For example).

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Thank you so much for the help! The time worked great! The bot now says the LastVideo like I wanted and I am glad I invested in your bot as a lifetime member! Hope your partnership opens soon would love to partner with you guys!

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