Sponsorship is a joke?

I dont feel I was giving all the benefits of supporting your bot. I have over 20 ppl say they connected from my link yet i only had 3days free. Not to mention it took forever to get a response from your team on Twitter, in which they didn’t respond… you jus gave me 3 days free… I will not be setting up an auto pay, I will not be pushing people to subscribe but I will keep using the bot and hopefully any others from this day forth will add time to my account. Great Bot but Shady support/dev/team …

The three days (per subscribe) are free when you follow our Twitter account or/and (+ 3 extra days) if you have 2 years of seniority.

The referral system gives a minimum of 30 days of premium account if you have enough points. And these points are provided only if your referrals subscribe to a premium account.

Everything is clearly noted on the page that contains the referral link, I invite you to reread the indications on the page.

Concerning the support (Twitter), you are not alone on the platform, the waiting time varies according to the requests, the current load and the complexity of the questions and the urgency of it.

And a premium account does not give priority access to support, all accounts have the same priority whether they are on a paid account or not.

only if your referrals subscribe to a premium account. totally missed that !! Please accept my apologies…

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