Donators and Followers Dont Receive Extra Currency please help


So I made this new currency system for my stream, and I set the settings like whenever you give me a follow or donate, you receive extra currency. I also made the donation link using the wizebot.

However my viewers apparently doesn’t receive the extra currency. I even made them check using the “!account” command but it doesnt add up.

Can anyone help me with this?

It seems that you have not received a donation through our donation system. The problem must come from there.
Your viewers must use the link of our service for donations to receive virtual currency.

For followers, only new followers are taken into account. The refollowers do not earn virtual currency.

According to our checks, we have detected no problem when assigning new followers. Can you test again (with a higher value for example to see the impact more easily) and come back to us? :slight_smile:

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