Notifications doubling up

Hi, all bits & donations are getting 2 notifications with the message being read out twice as well. I have the full overlay and notifications window up.

Without the notifications window I dont get hosts/follows :frowning:

Can you give me the name of your channel?

As well as tell me if you use another service for notifications (StreamLabs for example).

the channel is Twitch and I do not use any other service for notifications.

Hello @jaymethiel

Please try the following things:

  1. Have you ever tried to replace the link in OBS / XSPLIT? I know that with Tipeeestream sometimes. I had to renew it more often.

  2. Delete the notification completely from OBS / XSPLIT and make it new.

  3. You must not open the Alert Box and OBS website together, otherwise the sound will be played twice.So the system can also disturb other things!

  4. After that you make all Wizebot pages off and try it again. If it works, please delete your browser cache!


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