How do I set a costum domain name?

I just dont understand, how to set this up.
Whatever I do I’m getting the same Error “The CNAME record was not found / incorrect”

I tried to
put in both “currylpz. streaming. lv”
put “currylpz. streaming. lv” in the left and “currylpz. streaming. lv. currylp. de” in the right
put in both “currylpz. streaming. lv. currylp. de”

What do I have to put here?

sadly nothing works

The domain name “” does not seem to have the required CNAME.

It is necessary to add a CNAME TYPE record on your domain that redirects to

Yeah thats what I understood so far.

The problem is:
You can see in the fist pic, how it looks likes

First is for subdomain (where I put "currylpz. streaming. lv) in

what do I have to put in the second one?
nothing is workin.

here I have 2 exempals but it wont work in this way

You need to set :

Subdomain field : Nothing (Empty)
Ziel / Data / Wert :

The site should accept these values.

nope, the site doesn’t accept it, when its empty :frowning:

In this case you can define for example “live”.

This will allow access to your external site via the domain name:

Now it finlly works

Thats how it has to be done <.<, fot this domain seller.

Thank you, Dere011 :slight_smile:

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