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I am trying to make custom name for my bot on my twitch but it is not working. When I click on it, its takes me to a blank white page.

Hey :wave: @cfggames ,
nice to see you here and thank you for your question!

Did you try it at another time? Did you see that you have an active internet connection?
I’ll explain what you have to do to make it work. You look, please, if you did it all right.

  1. You need a premium account for this feature!
  2. Your bot needs a second twitch account. That’s also the bot name at the same time.
  3. You log in, on the Wizebot page.
  4. On the new panel, go to Customization and then Custom Name. WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA
  5. You click on the button and sign up with the second Twitch Account.
  6. You take everything and after a few minutes your bot should have a different name.

Sry, for my bad English. :smiley: I am from Germany! :de: Just for info, I’m not :see_no_evil: from the Wizebot Team!
Hope I could help you. If there are any questions, just type them. :vulcan:
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