Game help how to set it up in Wizebot

hello i have seen some ppl play a game using wizebot…they are playing the game fortnite battle royal.
and they play a wizebot game were the viewers can bet there currency on the outcome of the fortnite game so ppl in chat would type !bet top10 2000 like that so my question is how would i set that up in wizebot any help will be appreciated thank you.


You simply have to go to this page and enabl the feature : WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA
Then, you can start a bet by the Wizeboard Dashboard, or with a command.

For BR game, type the following commands :

!bet create br => Start the bet.
!bet topX => to place a bet. Each viewers can bet 1 time per bet.
!bet pick topX => To validate the bet with the TOP of the streamer (for exemple !bet pick top1)

Here the documentation about this feature : Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA



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