Games in Wizebot

Hello Guys
first ty for this super nice bot :slight_smile:
I have tried many different BOT for twitch but i like your the moste :slight_smile: but there are some thinks i cant
figure out… the ticket game ? how does it work? when i try “!ticket 2” nogthing happens ???

and is there a way for the wievers to do like a gamle as you can on alot of others bots ?
fx. !gamble 1000 and then you win some or lose the gamle ? i know there is the !roulette but i like for my wievers to say the amount they want to bet ? and i know there is the slot they can use but i want somthing that they can use i the chat. that its what the wievers wants

hope it all make some sens :slight_smile:

Picket Plays.

Hello !
This is a very good idea to which we have already thought, wait to see this type of “game” very soon :slight_smile:

The other games currently give gains without loss, but it’s also an improvement we want to put in place (Configurable Gain / Loss).

Thank you for the suggestion :wink: !

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