Betting with currency

Iam new to wizebot and am trying to use its betting system, the creation and ending of a bet works fine but iam having issues using currency on the bets themselves.
It shows in the bet end that it has winners so iam a little confused as it why it isn’t taking or giving currency.
any help would be highly appreciated.

Are you using the command with the necessary tags for the virtual currency? :slight_smile:

Iam not sure what you mean by tags?
trying to use the commands as follows for an example:
!bet create custom win lose
!bet win 100
!bet pick win

but doing this gives no payouts or takes currency, am i doing something wrong?

Sorry! I got confused with another system.

Your commands look good, can you provide me the name of your channel so I can look at the configuration? :slight_smile:


not my channel but one i mod for, but do have permission to be trying to get this to work for the streamer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

The betting system configuration for this channel is set to “Without gain”.

You should go to the next page and set one of the virtual currency systems to the “Betting system” option.

After that, you should have no more problems :slight_smile:

Is that a premium option to bet with the currency?

This option is available without a premium account :slight_smile:

So i think i have it set right now, currently is on earning manipulation.
but now when i do the !bet pick win
it cancelled the bet instead of picking a winner.

Never mind i figured out the last part, thank you so much for all your help!
sorry for all the silly questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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