How can i sell something with loyalty currency in my channel?

Hi everyone, I bought the WizeBot license, I’m really enjoying it, but one of the things I’m having trouble understanding is how to auction something using my channel currency.

Basically what I want to do is to announce to my viewers that something is on auction and that they have 20 minutes to bid, the person giving the highest bid will win.

Is it possible to do this in WizeBot? How I do?

Thank you!

You can make a draw = Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA
You can make a Bett = Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA
You can make your Own Virtuel Currency Shop =
WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA =
Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA


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Well, I’ve tried it in many ways, but I’ve never managed to make it work the way I want it to.

If you can help me explain better the use of the commands I would appreciate, basically what will happen will be this:

I will announce to the chat that they will be able to use the channel currency to bid on something that I will put up for auction, a game for example.

I would like to run the command, (! Addauction Counter Strike GO 10), in which case I put the CS GO game in an auction for 10 minutes.

Chat users will bid:

John:! Bid 150
Carl:! Bid 160
Michael:! Bid 500

And when the auction is finalized Michael will have won because he made the highest bid, after which the 500 will be taken out of his account and the bids given by the other participants will not be counted.

This is what I need to make work, only one person should be the winner when the auction is finalized, I noticed that in several games that WizeBot has more than one person can be winning and that is not my intention.

Based on what I posted, is there a way to do that? If so, could you explain how to apply the commands?

Thank you!

Okay, I’ll help you with concrete!

You can start a draw that’s like a bag. The viewer or others can then put their money in. Then you choose one and of course you have to give it the game or the code. If you want that automatically, then Automatic Giveaway is the right one. WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA

The other links you already have above! WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA

You start this:

!draw new @currency 100 (100 of viewers virtual currency needed for 1 ticket)
!draw new @sub (Draw only for your subscribers)
!draw new @follow 15 (15 days of follow or more required)
!draw new @follow 15 @currency 1000 (Multiple conditions)

Your Viewer make this:

!enter 5 (For 5 participation = 5 x amount of a ticket)
!enter (For 1 participation = 1 x amount of a ticket)

At the end you make this:

!draw pick (Draw of a winner)
!draw pick 5 (Draw of 5 winners)
!draw give_currency 1 5000 (Draw a winner with a win of 5000 of your virtual currency)
!draw give_currency 5 1000 (Draw 5 winners with a win of 5000 of your virtual currency)

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