Does Wizebot have any protection against Giveaway sniper bots?

I have been getting people entering my giveaways with multiple accounts that are bot accounts, and the reason I know they are bots is because I will have 40 viewers but there will be 100 entries. The giveaway is 1 entry per person so its not possible for the same person to enter more than once. I am currently using Nightbot and am looking for another program or alternative that will provide some kind of protection from these kinds of accounts and bots.

Hey @DBfanboyGaming,

I do not know a bot that recognizes two accounts in giveaways. But here are a few things that can help you:

  • Here on the page you can adjust it a bit. Although not applicable to all, but might help if you’re doing a giveaway to provide the high! -->

  • Which giveaway are you doing exactly? There are enough where you can set things. The bingo system is a random system and is great for your applications. There also helps no second account! But do not put it that high with the number.

  • Do a quiz game as a giveaway, whoever is faster, they win. Since no second accounts can participate in it.

  • What’s more, just turn on follower mode on 1-7 day and then make a giveaway!

  • You can also do a contest about something. The best that can paint or tells the best of a good joke!

  • You can even just let your subscribers (subscribers giveaway) join in, then he would have to pay for two accounts and hardly anyone does that.

There are many tricks that you can use! Be creative!
Hope I could help you.



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