Fake Donations & viewers being able to abuse

Hi, Wizebot Staff, how do you stop people from coming into the stream and making fake donations using wizebot saying they donated 10000 and that really isnt true but somehow they have a command why? I had two people come in and use a command and it said they donated 10000 AU Dollars and that was not true at all & they became trolls HOW DO I STOP THIS!?!!?!?! Please Answer A.S.A.P

Thank You!!!

It did no one WizeBot command that such person use, but the command Twitch /me.
The simple way to see if the donation is “Fake” is simply to see if it’s “WizeBot” or not speaking in the chat.

And the way to block this kind of fake donation is available here:
WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA (Extended protection)

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