Automatic Giveaways - Free? Premium?

Greetings all.

Much appreciation for Wizebot.

While trying it out over the past few days, I was confused about what features are included at what license levels. I read over the FAQ and online documentation, as well as performed several searches of the forums, but was unable to find answers or perhaps I misunderstood what I read. Here are my questions:

  1. Are the automatic giveaways and list creation part of the Free license?
  2. What features belong to Free, Lite Premium, and Standard Premium tiers?

Cheers and thanks in advance.


The automatic giveaway system is available and usable with the WizeBot basic version (Without Premium).

Some options are however configurable that via a premium account, you can note (If you have an active premium account) via the border “Gold” which is to the left of the options.

For the automatic giveways system, here are the options that are not accessible with a standard account, the default values are taken into account in this case :

  • Duration of the giveaways (Default: 5min).
  • Frequency of reminders (Default: 3min).
  • Type of sending lots (Default: Wlink protected link).
  • Virtual Currency (Default: 0).
  • Management of texts Tab.

The basic systems are almost all accessible via a standard account, only very advanced features and advanced options are unlockable with a premium account :slight_smile:

LITE accounts do not primarily have features that require advanced hardware resources (Custom Name, Presence 24/24h in Chat, Auto Clip, etc.).

Note: We try at each update to unlock “premium” options to standard versions.

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