Detailled log regarding Wordlist

Hi, is there a more detailled log why a user got a warning/get timed out by Wizebot if a Wordlist restriction (Forbidden words) is in charge?

I have the following problem: somehow Wizebot warns Stay Hydrated Bot because of using a bad word, but I can’t find any connection what word (or word combination) causes this.

V2 is activated, strict is not activated.

I don’t wanna make the wordlist public here, because it contains some adult websites and I don’t want to advertise them here.

The list can be found in the bot instance of the channel: officialevelynclaire

Best regards,

What you meant is here = WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA

I hope you mean this :smiley:


Hi, not exaclty.

I’m aware of this list, but: if “Stay Hydrated Bot” gets a warning, 2 things happen:

1.) It is not listed here in this list, and

2.) I have currently no clue what word-combination triggered the warning.

Thats why I was asking for an even more detailled log, to figure that out.

Stay Hydrated Bot is wanted in the streamers channel, so thats the reason I work on that.


Rewatching the VOD helped: I have also blocked /me and that was the reason.


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